Photo by Daniel K.B. Schmidt



Photo by Kieran Behan

With her solo THE PRESSING the dancer and choreographer Dani Brown picks up where her solo HOW DO YOU IMAGINE THE DEVIL? left off. With THE PRESSING, Brown addresses a current feminist tendency to portray the vulva not just as a female sexual organ, but as an empowering and creative mediator of (female) self-reliance and self-contained strength. Conceived as a duet with her own vulva, Brown seeks for the expressive possibilities of this anatomically and socially complex organ: What could a vulva-oriented/cunt-centric performance look like? Could a movement principle generated from the perspective of the vulva leave the dualistic gender difference behind and pursue the principle of dedication present in all forms of life?

Brown's vulva will actively help to shape the dance piece as a performer and director, dialogue partner, diva and psychic. Together, they create a world of speculation, belief, queer narrative, and a solo performance that surpasses one's own self. The individual scenes will be developed in improvisations in which Brown deliberately asks her cunt questions and reacts to her answers. The intracellular movements as well as the needs of this organ are placed in the center of the creative process. THE PRESSING explores the subtle, fluid, swelling, warm and sweaty minefield of the invisible activity of neurotransmitters, hormones and body tissues. Working with a body practice that is based on the long held poses of Yin Yoga, Brown is looking for movement material that transforms the self-determined surrendering, sinking in and letting happen into strength. A similar principle of sensual richness and aesthetic fullness within the decay and passing of time can be found in the still life painting genre known as The Vanitas, which will be used as an aesthetic reference for the set design.

Brown stages her performance practice of morphing – a virtuoso expressivity through spontaneous and precise embodiments – in a sensual-explicit world of her own. Sharing the stage with her vulva, moths, withering flowers arrangements (by Project Cultivation), and juicy fruits Brown creates a permanently transforming space of imagination, accompanied by the immersive live music of her longtime collaboration partner Justin F. Kennedy.

A cunt monologue, a personal memory, two mirrors and a naked female body with a covered head are the starting materials for this journey into the sultry, endless darkness of the (bodily) interior.

Artistic Direction, Performance: Dani Brown

Sound Design, Performance: Justin F. Kennedy (Sound credits for the Berlin shows July 2022)

Dramaturgy: Maja Zimmermann

Light Design, Technical Direction: Catalina Fernandez

Floral Design by: Project Cultivation from Kieran Behan and Sina Kempe

Stage Design: Jan Fack

Production: Marcela Donato

Photo, Video: Daniel K.B. Schmidt

PR and Marketing: Lola and The Bean

THE PRESSING is a production from Dani Brown in co-production with Radialsystem Berlin, funded from Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media as well as Radial Stiftung Berlin and with much appreciated support from Arsenic Lausanne, ImpulsTanz, O'espaco do Tempo, Tanz Haus Zurich, New Fears Gallery for Dance and Performance, Trauma Bar and Kino, and Pharos Arts Foundation.

THE PRESSING is open to further partnerships and bookings.